How One Simple Change Can Radically Improve Weight Loss Success

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Eating is a behavior that we all do multiple times per day, which makes it notoriously difficult to track and measure consistently. If you’re like most adults in developed countries that struggle with their weight, this turns out to be a major issue.  That’s bmotagua jersey custom made basketball jerseys yeezy shoes for sale best football jersey adut toys pasante kondom banchero orlando jersey custom jerseys boost 350 shoes pink air jordans cheap yeezy shoes belletress caliente completini intimi molto sexy best sex toys jordan 4 cheap ecause so much of our problematic eating behavior is hidden in patterns and cycles that we just don’t see.  And it’s difficult to change behavior when we don’t know what’s happening.

The starting point for behavior change is self-awareness, and self-monitoring is the most critical strategy for achieving it. 

Historically, self-monitoring of eating was accomplished using paper diaries, often in combination with a nutritional reftutto echarpes feulles enfant  sandali gioiello giuseppe zanotti  stainless steel charcoal bbq grill  pantacourt homme levis  porto moniz madeira live webcam  prevent jacke  parkolásgátló felszerelése  come pulire una caffettiera di alluminio  gopro quicktime for windows 8  mini balon adidas  דיו למדפסת בזול  קומקום נירוסטה חשמלי 1.7 ליטר זק ש ef 880w צבע לבן  אדידס מעצבים קטלוג  tapijt kleden  pantacourt homme levis  erence book. The advent of tracking apps like MyFitnessPal took the edge off the burden, but it’s still considered difficult, boring, and tedious.

LUMME’s wrist tracking technology provides a wealth of objective data automatically.  In other words, it’s information that doesn’t rely on accurate input on the part of the user. Even better, the information obtained is of higher quality, and it also comes with less burden and less effort.

Effort is more important than you may think.

Behavioral research shows that people have a limited amount of time, effort, and energy that can be directed to behavior change. This means that reducing the effort it takes to monitor behavior frees up more time to improve the behaviors themselves!

It takes more than fancy tech.

More and more studies show that providing tech in the absence of a behavioral framework is not enough to drive positive behavior change. That’s why we’ve integrated decades of illuminating behavioral science in weight loss to take advantage of all this invaluable information, which is also more accurate, and available in real-time.

The future of better health is predictive therapy.

The outsized advantage of real-time, passive data collection is the ability to deliver predictive support. This has previously been limited to medical care. Patient bio-vitals are continuously monitored, and AI-based analytics predictively prescribes treatment to avoid critical events.

When it comes to eating, deep analytics allows us to spot what leads to good outcomes vs. bad outcomes. Often the difference between having a good day and having a bad day comes down to a few key decision-making moments.

LUMME identifies those key moments for you — providing tailored, behavioral support to keep you on track to having a good day!

So, what’s that one simple change to unlock it all?

Wear your smartwatch on your dominant hand. For most of us, all that power to change is sitting idle on your non-dominant hand for reasons that will no longer outweigh the health benefits. It will take some getting used to, but you’ll never look back once you’ve unlocked your potential.  Of course, you’ll want the LUMME smartwatch app to handle the heavy lifting of detecting your eating behavior for you.

When we asked people like you about their willingness to make this switch to use LUMME, it’s no surprise a whopping 89.6% were on board.

Be ready!

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