The power to change is on your wrist.

Lumme’s passive gesture recognition technology eliminates the impossible burden of self-monitoring.

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When it comes to adapting behaviors to meet health goals, Lumme Health is leading a paradigm shift. Traditional methods of gathering critical data about consumption habits often fail to raise the level of self-awareness necessary to drive lasting behavior change and regularly miss opportunities to intervene in the weakest moments. Lumme solves this by gathering a quantum leap in actionable data, using an ordinary smartwatch. Strapped to the dominant hand, Lumme’s smartwatch apps (Apple/Google) use state-of-the-art gesture recognition technology to passively detect consumption behaviors such as smoking and eating, that notoriously difficult to track.

Beyond the basic metrics and patterns on when, where and how much is being consumed, Lumme empowers you with an always-on AI health assistant that learns your consumption patterns, predicts your risk of deviating from your health goals, and intervenes at just the right times to keep you on track.

This is Lummé. A totally different experience. One that doesn’t rely entirely on willpower and interest to keep you engaged with your long term health objectives. Lumme’s AI assistant does the heavy lifting for you. It evolves with you and engages you at just the right times to raise your awareness. With targeted support and accountability, consistency is possible.

Here’s to unlocking your best self!


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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Technology Officer

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Chief Behavioral Scientist

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