Beat the behavioral patterns that lead to repeated failure.

Lumme empowers you with passively collected, objective data on your consumption habits, along with personalized AI support to help you stay on track with your health goals.

How to Change Bad Habits | LUMME Health

Our Patented Behavior Change Technology Platform

Lumme’s Detect-Predict-Intervene™ technology predicts the triggers that lead to an individual’s unhealthy habit loops and intervenes at just the right time with tailored suggestions to avoid them. See how it works!

How Lumme Detects Bad Habits | LUMME Health

Gesture Recognition & Sensor Data

Lumme’s breakthrough Detect-Predict-Intervene™ behavior change technology starts with an ordinary smartwatch (Apple/Google).

Behaviors such as eating and smoking that occur multiple times per day tend to be the hardest to track, and self-monitoring of these behaviors is notoriously inaccurate. That’s a major problem because it’s difficult to change behavior when you don’t know what’s happening. Lumme’s AI-powered smartwatch apps passively and privately gather objective data on your consumption habits from the motions of your dominant hand — without manual input.

How Lumme Predicts When Bad Habits Will Occur | LUMME Health

Machine Learning

Lumme learns your behaviors, identifies your triggers and predicts the dopamine-fueled urges that lead to unhealthy behavior.

Behavioral research shows that people have a limited amount of time, effort, and energy that can be directed to behavior change. The key is to deliver assistance when you need it the most — especially before your unhealthy behavioral triggers are fired. In just two weeks, Lumme switches to predictive mode directed towards behavior change.

How Lumme Intervenes to Change Bad Habits | LUMME Health

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Lumme delivers the right evidenced-based messaging at the right time.

Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions have long been recognized as the most effective way to avert an unhealthy behavior, but they too often lack the means to accomplish this — until now. Lumme raises your awareness, learns your behaviors and predictively intervenes before the neural pathways for an unwanted targeted behavior are triggered.

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