You can feel full with less food!

Master the skills of pace, bite-size, and greater enjoyment of your food with our 20-minute meal companion app.

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Are you guilty of eating too quickly?

LUMME’s 20-minute eating exploration uses your smartwatch to track your eating pace and trains you to eat more mindfully.

Use it as a meal companion to master your enjoyment of food, feel full with less, and achieve better health.

Lumme Health - Mindful Eating App & Smartwatch

Real-time Pace Tracking

It’s optimized for your smartwatch. Worn on your eating hand, it will compare your eating pace to a Pace Guide, and provide tailored assessments every 5 minutes.

Minute-by-Minute Guidance

Choose to hear a narrated journey from the app’s AI assistant or reference the brief Minute-by-Minute text instructions on everything from an appropriate bite-size and chewing technique to using your senses for maximum enjoyment.

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Lumme Health - Mindful Eating App - Calories Estimate Screen

Calories Estimates

Lumme also provides a calorie estimate of your meal based on your selected meal-type and an algorithm that uses your bite counts along with your user profile details.

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Lumme Health - Mindful Eating App & Smartwatch

Mindful eating works!

Eating mindfully has a range of benefits including:

 • increasing enjoyment

 • reducing stress

 • improving digestion

 • reducing calories

 • weight loss

 • reducing food cravings

 • reducing episodes of overeating 

 • reducing episodes of binge eating.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Celebrate your love of food and unlock the skills for achieving better health in the process.

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