Does calorie tracking feel like a chore?

Eliminate the burden with the app that senses your eating and reliably estimates your calories for you!

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Calorie counting has always been hard to stick with and highly prone to error due to the huge burden of journaling everything we eat and correctly estimating portion sizes. Lumme’ s AI-powered kCalculator app downloads to your Apple Watch and works like a step-tracker for eating – passively detecting eating from your hand motions and eliminating the burden of food tracking using a proven algorithm to estimate your calories.

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Calorie Estimates

What you eat will always matter for good health, and your food choices will impact your daily calories. It’s also true that how much you eat has a significant impact on your daily calories. This volume of food can be reliably measured in the form of a bite, which is your personalized and fixed portion-size of food. 

The kCalculator’s proven algorithms eliminate the vast majority of the variability in calories associated with what you eat, using your age, height, weight, and a single question about the calorie-density of your meal. What you get is a high-quality and reliable calorie estimate with minimal effort.

Eating Detection Notifications

Similar to other apps that detect a particular activity, kCalculator senses when you’re eating and will ask for confirmation on your smartwatch. This automates the creation of a meal record. You should otherwise eat normally, with your hands and utensils (fork/spoon).

Just keep in mind that only the bites consumed with your hand wearing the smartwatch will be registered.

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Meal Type Selection

Selecting an appropriate Meal Type will significantly improve your calorie estimates.

For simplicity, kCalculator defaults to the Mix of High and Low Calorie Food meal type.

If you’re eating mainly Low Calorie Foods (salad, fish, fruit, vegetables) or High Calorie Foods (burgers, pizza, sweets), then selecting these alternative options will capture the vast majority of the variability in calories associated with what you eat.


Beverages can range from zero calories (water) to hundreds of calories (meal replacement shakes). If you consume caloric beverages in addition to any beverages you consume during your meals, such as sugary drinks, smoothies, alcoholic beverages or meal replacement shakes, your meal diary provides a very simple way to add these calories.

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Lumme Health - kCalculator App - Improving Detection Accuracy

Improving Detection Accuracy

The kCalculator sensing ability will naturally improve over time based on your responses to eating detection notifications.

To speed up this process, the app may suggest using the ‘Training Session’ function to learn your unique eating gestures.

Unlock Your Potential

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A wealth of information that you can use to understand and improve your eating patterns is waiting to be unlocked. All it takes is wearing your smartwatch on the hand that you use for eating. It may feel strange at first, but most people get used to it quickly.

Put on your watch and unlock your potential today!

Sign up for Early Access to the kCalculator and Weight Loss app today!

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