Does calorie counting feel like a chore?

Eliminate the burden of food journaling with the FREE app that senses your eating and uses proven algorithms to reliably estimate your calories for you!

kCalculator AI Calorie CounterAutomated Calorie Tracking for Apple Watch

Downloads to your Apple Watch and works like a ‘FitBit for Eating’ – passively detecting calories from hand motions.

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You can stop food journaling

It turns out that the most popular method of food journaling isn’t the only way to calculate calories.

LUMME’s bite-based estimates are not only scientifically proven, but are high-quality, reliable, and can actually be more accurate than human-based estimates, even with the aid of calorie information.

Apple Watch Notification

It senses when you're eating

LUMME senses when you’re eating and will ask for confirmation on your phone or smartwatch. This automates the creation of a meal record. You should feel free to eat normally with your hands or utensils (fork/spoon).

Just keep in mind that only the bites consumed with your hand wearing the smartwatch will be registered.

High-quality, reliable estimates in seconds

It turns out that the major driver of your daily calories comes down to your portion sizes – simply HOW MUCH YOU EAT. LUMME measures this volume of food from your bites

The vast majority of variance in energy density associated with WHAT YOU EAT can be captured with one simple question regarding your ‘Meal Type’. 

Keep in mind that your food choices will always impact your health and your calories. 

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A Meal Type Slider replaces food lookups

Selecting an appropriate Meal Type will capture the vast majority of the variability in calories associated with WHAT YOU EAT.

For simplicity, LUMME defaults to the Mix of High and Low Calorie Foods meal type. If you’re eating mainly Low Calorie Foods (salad, fish, fruit, vegetables) or High Calorie Foods (burgers, pizza, sweets), simply use the slider in your automated meal diary to select these alternative options.

How accurate are my daily calories?

The tendency of most people is to vastly underestimate their portion sizes. This is one of the main reasons why, in most instances, watch-tracking will be more accurate even compared to intensive food journaling.

The alternative is a more precise calorie measurement technique, such as weighing individual food items and looking up their energy composition. These are also the most cumbersome and impractical.

With minimal effort, LUMME offers a useful and reliable daily measure of energy intake that can be more accurate than human-based estimates, even with the aid of calorie information.

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What about beverages?

Beverages can range from zero calories (water) to hundreds of calories (meal replacement shakes). If you consume caloric beverages such as sugary drinks, smoothies, alcoholic beverages or meal replacement shakes, your meal diary provides a very simple way to add these calories.

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A few minutes of Training improves eating detection accuracy and calorie estimates.

It's constantly improving, becoming uniquely yours

LUMME enables your smartwatch to become a tool that you sharpen to your unique eating gestures and habits.  In addition to using your eating detection responses as personalization data, nothing speeds up learning like a ‘Training Session’ where you ‘record’ 10 bites of food.   

Using the Training Session is an excellent way to personalize your app right from the start and can be incorporated into any meal or snack.  

Our hands are a gateway to understanding human health. LUMME’s A.I. unlocks it for you and unleashes groundbreaking capabilities.

Unlock your data with one simple switch

A wealth of information that you can use to understand and improve your eating patterns is waiting to be unlocked. All it takes is wearing your smartwatch on the hand that you use for eating. It may feel strange at first, but most people get used to it quickly.

When we asked your peers to make the switch to use LUMME, 89.6% showed a strong willingness to do so.

Make the switch and unlock your data!

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The complete weight loss solution

Got Goals? We have more superpowers for you...

LUMME’s Weight Loss App pulls out all the stops, unleashing stunning capabilities including predictive interventions. There’s never been anything quite so advanced to help you achieve your goals.

Calorie Tracking Done For You!


Reserve your invitation to LUMME’s FREE Automated Calorie Tracker App for Apple Watch and more releases to help you achieve your goals.

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