What's really holding you back?

The answers usually aren’t found by tracking what you eat — they’re hiding in what you do. LUMMÉ monitors your eating, delivers predictive support to break failing patterns, and builds behavioral consistency for lasting success.

Instantly gain control of your eating habits

LUMME downloads to your Apple Watch to passively learn your eating behaviors and eliminate the guesswork of achieving your goals.

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Automated calorie tracking is just the beginning...


The power to change is on your wrist.

LUMME’s Weight Loss App unleashes stunning capabilities including predictive interventions. There’s never been anything quite so advanced to help you achieve your goals.

Your next weight loss plan is not a diet

It’s an AI Weight Loss Assistant designed to optimize your efforts at building a healthy lifestyle for life-long weight control.    

The odds have been stacked against us

Lumme Health - Weight Loss App - Endless Burden


Self-monitoring of eating is a critically important strategy for positive behavior change, but traditional food journaling is a taxing exercise and an endless burden.

Lumme Health - Weight Loss App - Low Accuracy


Even with the aid of calorie information we regularly miscalculate our portion sizes and find it impossible to journal everything we eat. This leads to invariably low accuracy and big gaps in data and understanding.

Lumme Health - Weight Loss App - Poor Consistency


Research shows that one diet usually isn’t any better than the next. Success comes from consistency. But with our hectic lives, fluctuating motivation, and the reward circuits of our own brains, consistency is hard.

Lumme Health - Weight Loss App - High Failure Rate


We don’t rise up to the level of our goals. We fall to the levels of our systems for change. With the current systems, 2/3 of dieters fail to achieve their weight loss goals and over 90% regain their lost weight.

It’s time for a new system for change. One that addresses the #1 obstacle to achieving success – BEHAVIOR CHANGE.​

Lumme Health - Weight Loss App - Superpowers

The superpowers that put you back in control...

Effortless calorie tracking from your hand motions. High-quality, reliable data. Actionable insights. Objective assessments so you always know where you stand. 24/7 accountability and tailored AI support. Predictive interventions to keep you on track. The list goes on… Just strap on your watch!

A powerful new experience hyper-personalized to your success.

Lumme Health - Weight Loss App - Powerful Experience

You’ve strapped on your watch and unlocked your personal gateway. LUMME’s personalized A.I. assistant learns your strengths and weaknesses and uses this information to teach you how to become stronger.


Downloads to your Apple Watch

LUMME’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence app delivers empowering capabilities. No new hardware required. Just download it to your Apple Watch and let the magic begin.


Operates in the background

LUMME interprets the motions of your hand to sense your eating and passively gathers objective metrics and patterns on your eating behavior. No start/stop buttons required.


Automates calorie tracking

LUMME’s scientifically proven bite-based estimates are high-quality, reliable, and can actually be more accurate than human-based estimates.


Turns goals into manageable tasks

You choose your goals and LUMME unpacks them into bite-sized tasks that you control, while your AI assistant provides the support and accountability to help you accomplish them.


Personalizes proven behavioral psychology

LUMME integrates decades of illuminating behavioral science in weight loss into your A.I. assistant that tailors it to your needs.


Predicts your moments of need

Your A.I. assistant learns your eating behaviors, predicts the triggers that throw you off track, and intervenes with evidence-based suggestions when you need it most.


Gives you total flexibility and control

The right program is the program that you can follow. LUMME gives you total control over your program and the flexibility to master your healthy behaviors at a pace that works for you.


Improves over time

LUMME’s sensing algorithms, calorie estimates, and predictive powers improve as more data is fed into your personalized A.I. assistant, making it more unique and useful to you over time.

Say goodbye to all the guesswork

You choose your goals and LUMME helps you unpack them into bite-sized tasks that you control, while your AI assistant helps you accomplish them.

Lumme Health - Weight Loss App - Target Behaviors

LUMME’s revolutionary smartwatch app will empower you with:

Upgrade your game.

Upgrade your living.


Lumme Health - Weight Loss App - Meal Diary

LUMME detects your eating and generates your meal diary for you.

Behavior change starts with awareness

Behaviors like eating that occur multiple times per day are notoriously difficult to track and measure. That’s a major problem because it’s difficult to change behavior when you don’t know what’s happening.

LUMME gives you an effortless way to make sense of your eating habits — objectively.

Lumme Health - Weight Loss App - Health Track

LUMME’s Health Track is your one-day-at-a-time schedule of eating and structure for your bite-sized goals. Adherence measures how you’re doing.

It's not about the diet...

Decades of research confirm that success doesn’t come from following a specific type of diet. It comes from creating a plan and sticking to it. In other words, it’s about consistency and adherence to a plan of changed eating behavior.

LUMME eliminates the guesswork. You’ll always know where you stand and what you need to do to make progress.

Lumme Health - Weight Loss App - Risk Alert

Your very own A.I. assistant keeps you on track

No human coaches

The job of your AI assistant is to know you better than you know yourself — that includes predicting the problematic patterns and triggers that lead to inconsistency towards your goals.

Risk alerts focus your attention when it counts, so you know when and how to allocate your energy to achieve the greatest possible success.

Our patented behavior change platform

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LUMME provides detailed and objective metrics on your eating along with reliable calorie estimates — just from the motions of your dominant hand.

Lumme Health - Weight Loss App - Predict Icon

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, just eat healthier or address issues with overeating or binge eating, LUMME learns your eating behaviors and predicts the triggers that throw you off track.

Lumme Health - Weight Loss App - Intervene Icon

LUMME’s AI assistant provides support and accountability, especially when you need it most. Your assistant knows when to intervene with evidence-based suggestions to keep you on track.

Guaranteed to make you stronger.


Reserve your free trial invitation to a radically better approach to achieving success with weight loss and problematic patterns of eating. LUMME grows with you, learning your strengths and weaknesses, and delivers personalized predictive support that puts you back in control.

Lumme Behavioral App
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