We’ll track every bite so you don’t have to!

Lumme tracks your bites, sips and calories, entirely from the motions of your hand.

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Our brains only have so much energy for behavior change. Traditional dietary programs use up most of this energy having us log what we eat, when we eat and how much we eat.  It’s useful information, but when we lose interest and grow tired of the effort, our results tend to follow the same path.

There’s a better way.

Lumme’s AI-powered smartwatch app eliminates the burden of tracking meals and snacks, freeing up that valuable mental energy for what really counts – forming new healthy habits for a lifetime.

Lumme’s revolutionary, patent-pending technology is the only dietary system that:

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Using state-of-the-art gesture recognition algorithms on an ordinary smartwatch (Apple/Google), Lumme provides detailed and objective metrics on your eating and drinking along with accurate calorie estimates — entirely from the motions of your dominant hand.

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Whether you’re looking to lose weight, just eat healthier or address issues with overeating or binge eating, Lumme’s personalized AI health assistant is there to learn your eating behaviors, identify triggers that throw you off track and predict your risk of falling into behavioral patterns that lead to failure.

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Finally!  SUCCESS doesn’t have to rely entirely on willpower and interest. Your AI assistant provides support and accountability throughout each day, and especially when you need it most. Through Lumme’s predictive analytics, your assistant will know when to intervene with evidenced-based suggestions to keep you on track.

Lumme Health - Weight Loss & Mindful Eating
Lumme delivers more targeted opportunities to engage & more successful outcomes

With the power of continuous, passive monitoring, Lumme automatically generates detailed metrics of when, where and how much (mouthfuls) one eats along with pace, duration and frequency. And, with behavior detection, we can prompt for additional details such as what was eaten or more intuitive attributes related to hunger and feelings.

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