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Smartwatches have reached mainstream status. In fact, Apple Watch alone outsells the entire Swiss watch industry. Yet, we’re just scratching the surface of their disruptive capabilities.

The future is about behavior, not activity.

Using off-the-shelf smartwatches like Apple Watch and Wear OS by Google, LUMME is blazing a trail far beyond the Start/Stop functionality of tracking activity (fitness) or inactivity (sleep). LUMME tracks behavior. Specific behaviors that impact our health. We do it continuously — in the background — and all from the motions of the hand.

The hands are a gateway to understanding human health.

If you think about it, we use our hands for just about modifica per giochi 3ds  be cleany кърпи wettask руло  детски фолклорни музикални инструменти  noa scarpe prezzi  bluedio u2  leroy merlin deska klozetowa  شروط التقديم بمعهد السكرتارية العسكرية للبنات 2019  شروط التقديم بمعهد السكرتارية العسكرية للبنات 2019  camas mayor  pink running tights nike  liu jo muske majice  knoppar och handtag hm  τα παπουτσια του προσφυγα  nike tennis herren  טכניקה להעלת משקל בדחיקת חזה  everything. If you could ‘read’ the specific gestures of your hands (your dominant hand in particular) for a single day, you’d have a very detailed account of all the things that transpired. We’re nowhere close to interpreting your every unique gesture, but over the past six years LUMME has been leading the charge as a pioneer of smartwatch-based behavior detection for targeted health behaviors like smoking, where we blew the doors off the gold standard smoking cessation program in a clinical trial, and now eating.

The impact of tracking behavior is extraordinary. Why? Because it reveals the unseen patterns and habit loops that govern so much of our behavior — especially the ones that repeatedly derail us from achieving our personal health goals.

At LUMME, we’re leading a paradigm shift in how we gather critically valuable data on your consumption behavior to put you back in control.

There is enormous untapped potential to achieve and sustain the most ambitious personal health goals, and LUMME is dedicated to helping you unlock it. Stay tuned for the future.

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