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To access our program, you need a smartphone running Android 6.0 or higher and an Android WearOS based smartwatch (Optional). If you don’t own a smartwatch, you can use the manual reporting option in the app to log the times when you smoke a cigarette.

During your 8-week program, you will be interacting with Lumme’s smartphone app. The app is designed to automatically detect your smoking patterns and deliver cognitive behavioral therapy 6-minutes before you experience cravings!

For the first 14 days of the program, the app will educate you on what to expect after your quit date. Day 15 will be your quit date, after which you will receive notifications on how to handle your upcoming cravings.

The app is designed to predict when you are most likely to relapse and intervene six minutes before you experience cravings. You will receive at maximum of 6 notifications per day containing a personalized help message.

Absolutely! The app is designed to be a stand-alone solution, but if you choose to, you can also use it with medications, gums, or patches.

Yes! Lumme’s quit program is designed by nation’s leading experts in technology and behavioral psychology. Many years of research from University of Massachusetts and Yale School of Medicine has gone into making your transition from smoker to an ex-smoker as easy and effective as possible. We have also run multiple national scale clinical trials and demonstrated that Lumme is at par with any commercially available product or service today.

While a smartwatch is an essential part of our program, it is not necessary to use one. All other quit smoking apps require you to log your habits. At Lumme, we are changing that by enabling automatic smoking event detection using data from a smartwatch. This enables us to reduce your time commitment for the program while offering a personalized, tailored quit program to every user. In the absence of a smartwatch, you will have to manually log your habits.

Absolutely! You can use our program to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. You can use our mobile app to track your behavior and triggers. You will be able to look at your smoking trends in the past week and over the past few months.

Download the Lumme Quit Smoking app, strap a smartwatch to your primary cigarette smoking hand and take the first step towards your smoke-free life!

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Please let us know which smartwatch and smartphone model you use.

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