The Point of Counting Calories

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The principle of measurement is pervasive in every aspect of our lives to manage and improve the outcomes that we care about. That’s why food journaling/calorie tracking is a long-standing and proven strategy for behavior change in weight loss. It’s a form of measurement that raises our awareness and factors into our weight.

We measure eating behavior

There are plenty of great apps and diet resources out there. But, only LUMME is dedicated to measuring eating behavior, learning your strengths and weaknesses, and using this information to teach you how to become stronger.  In fact, research overwhelmingly shows that success doesn’t come from following a specific type of diet. It comes from adhering to a plan of changed eating behavior. In other words, consistency is what matters most.

Aside from the dietary approach (what you eat), ask yourself if you know the answers to some of these questions:

  • When are you eating?
  • How much are you eating?
  • Where are you eating?
  • For how long are you eating?
  • How frequently are you eating?
  • What’s the pace of your eating?
  • How many calories are you consuming?


This is a short-list of mind-boggling questions of measurement that matter if you’re looking to achieve long-term success with any dietary-related health goal. Unfortunately, tracking the answers to these questions is impossible to do consistently, which creates major gaps in understanding about what we do and how it impacts our progress.

At LUMME, we’re leading a paradigm shift in how we gather critically valuable data on your consumption behavior to put you back in control.

It starts with your smartwatch.

By combining decades of illuminating behavioral science in weight loss with breakthrough AI technology on a smartwatch (Apple/Google), LUMME is readying the most powerful behavior change app you’ve ever owned.

The LUMME downloadable smartwatch app interprets the motions of your dominant hand to objectively measure your eating, learn what leads to good outcomes and bad outcomes, and pinpoint when and how you need to focus your efforts for the greatest possible success. With LUMME, you can navigate each day (from morning to night) with real-time accountability and support to help you stick to your long-term health goals.

Stay tuned for a life-changing tool that’s guaranteed to make you more in control of your eating and stronger than ever.

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