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The LUMME kCalculator smartwatch app uses gesture recognition technology to sense when you’re eating from the motions of the dominant hand. Detection will occur as long as you’re eating for at least a few minutes at a time and you’re bringing food to your mouth.  You can eat as you normally would with a fork, spoon or hand.

Eating can only be detected if the watch is worn on your eating hand. Wearing your watch on your dominant hand may feel strange at first, but most people get used to it quickly.

Like other apps that detect a particular activity, kCalculator senses when you’re eating and will ask for confirmation on your smartwatch. Confirmations will automate the creation of a meal record.

kCalculator uses scientifically-validated bite-based estimates, which use an objective caloric proxy for your bites according to various profile details, including your sex, age, height and current weight.

It turns out that the major driver of your daily calories comes down to your portion sizes – simply HOW MUCH YOU EAT. kCalculator measures this volume of food from your bites.  The vast majority of variance in energy density associated with WHAT YOU EAT can be captured with one simple question regarding your ‘Meal Type’. kCalculator defaults to a Meal Type of Mixed High and Low Calorie Foods, but you can use the simple slider in your Meal Diary to adjust your Meal Type to High Calorie Foods or Low Calorie Foods. Keep in mind that your food choices will always impact your health and your calories.

Meal Types provide a simple and effective way to categorize your meals and snacks according to the energy density of the foods you eat. For simplicity, kCalculator defaults your meals and snacks to the Mix of High and Low Calorie Foods meal type. If you’re eating mainly Low Calorie Foods (salad, fish, fruit, vegetables) or High Calorie Foods (burgers, pizza, sweets), use the simple slider in your Meal Diary to select these alternative options.

Calories are a measure of energy intake and can be used in conjunction with a calorie goal or as a point of reference to understand your eating habits better. Just keep in mind that your food choices still matter to good health.

Beverages can range from zero calories (water) to hundreds of calories (meal replacement shakes). If you consume caloric beverages such as sugary drinks, smoothies, alcoholic beverages or meal replacement shakes, your Meal Diary provides a simple way to add these calories. It’s often easy to find the calorie information for these beverages on the nutrition label, just be sure to pay close attention to the portion size that you consumed.

kCalculator aims to simplify calorie tracking by providing a balance between accuracy, reliability and effort. The most precise calorie measurement techniques, such as weighing individual food items and looking up their energy composition, are also the most cumbersome and impractical. Even calorie tracking apps require that you correctly estimate your portion sizes. With minimal effort, kCalculator offers a useful and reliable daily measure of energy intake that can be more accurate than human-based estimates even with the aid of calorie information.

Your Meal Diary is your record of detected eating episodes, as well as a place to manually enter calories if necessary.  A meal diary record is automatically recorded when eating is detected and you provide a confirmation through the watch notification or within the app itself.  The Meal Diary is an easy place to review the times that you eat, make any adjustments to the ‘Meal Type’ and view basic details on your eating events such as duration and pace of eating.

Your Weight Tracker is a simple tool to keep track of your weight. If you’re using the kCalculator for a self-help weight loss program, entering your weight on a regular basis can be helpful to track progress and keep your calorie estimates as accurate as possible.

Mindful eating is the practice of eating with purposeful awareness. Volumes have been written about the importance of mindful eating, its benefits and how to do it, but the Mindful Eating tab guides you through the process. Use the Mindful Eating tab as a 20-minute meal companion to help you master the skills of pace, bite-size, and greater enjoyment of your food.  

Yes! LUMME’s kCalculator uses machine learning that improves over time based on your responses to eating detection notifications and as more sensory data is fed into your personalized AI model. The app’s Training Session function can be used to learn your more unique eating gestures to speed up this process.

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